Kilka gościnnych recenzji w latach 2010-2013.


A.G. Everything’s Berri

A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory

DJ Quik Quik is the Name

Drake Nothing was the Same

Drake Take Care

General Steele AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare Pt. 2 (Children of War)

Hans Solo 8

Heavy D & The Boyz Nuttin’ But Love

Kno Death is Silent

Kurupt Streetlights

Large Professor The LP

Little Brother Leftback LP

Looptroop Rockers Naked Swedes

Looptroop Rockers The Struggle Continues

Mad Skillz From Where???

OutKast Aquemini

Pijani Powietrzem Zawieszeni w Czasie i Przestrzeni

Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back

Raekwon Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

Sadat X Wild Cowboys II

Show & KRS One Godsville

The Beatnuts Stone Crazy


O Group Home i „Livin’ Proof” w cyklu „Diggin In The Videos”